Feb. 5th, 2012


Feb. 5th, 2012 10:31 am
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My wife ordered this book called I Will Be Iron and I started preparing to get much better at kettlebell swings. For now I'm writing down how many I can do, I have a general goal of 100,000 swings over the next so many years. First day somewhat pathetic: I managed to get up to 100 but could only swing 20 before taking a breath. And then the DOMS kicked in and it was five days to the next workout, which I did better: 115 swings with 30 as my continuous max. DOMS came back much faster, so yesterday I started walking on the treadmill. I didn't have enough time to hit my goal, but I did manage a new record: 2+ hours, 6 miles, 1300+ calories, 10+ "aero points" (Pacemaster thing). During the walk I started to reconnect with myself I suppose, and made a new resolution: my Linux laptop is now packed away in the closet indefinitely.

Not because I hate Linux, actually I like it more than any other operating system, but the only purpose for that laptop is to wrap my open-source program, and if I can't find time or motivation to do that right now while my wife is traveling then I need to admit that that project is basically abandoned. It's not in a bad place though: it can be compiled for Linux, Mac, and Windows if you know what you're doing, it still has a few minor-ish bugs but it far exceeds my original vision in terms of features. But having its dev environment up all the time just leads me to worry and blame myself that it isn't done, and oh well I need to do better living in the now than waiting for tomorrow. This project was my own form of Casaubon's Key.

Tomorrow is today. I put away my glasses and will now wear contacts every day, I shaved my head back down to skin (my favorite look), and I'm going to start beating the crap out of my body.

It's not about doing "OK today", it's going for personal records every time I push my body. My goal with walking is to eventually walk "until I can't walk anymore". I did it once back in summer 2000: I managed 20 miles in one day, through rain and under bridges and along a stretch of corn fields on US-380. The next day, I had blisters between every toe, dried blood where my thighs had rubbed, and could barely walk with bruises on the soles of feet. It was glorious, and was one of those moments that separate your life Before and After.

Since I packed up the other computer, I feel great. Had some decent Chinese American food last night, made some pancakes this morning which I haven't done in years, listening to new music off iTunes, and getting laundry and other chores knocked out before I head to a Superbowl party tonight (I'm bringing Guiness).


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