Feb. 19th, 2012

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So we bought a car today, a brand new Subaru Impreza. We liked the manual transmission, the all wheel drive (now that I have driven through a blizzard it makes a lot of sense), the mpg, and the overall it-fits-us-rightness. While filing the paperwork the dealer gave us our credit scores and mine is now well north of 800.

Here is the thing: I really can't pay bills to save my life. She does that and does it excellently. This credit score is really hers to claim, not mine. Yet I have the job so the car must be financed in my name and not hers. I feel in some respects like a fraud or a lucky victim of identity theft. Honestly, at least 100 points of my credit score I think is a direct function of my job title.

But onto my point. We are taught that money is a unit of value exchange and nothing more. But truth be told money is created wholesale by our government and allocated by way of tax incentives and legal decisions to turn it into the great game of micro-economics. If we desired a different game with different victory conditions we could create one; we might consider a game in which the objective is to minimize human intervention in the economy ("Star Trek economics"). But in today's game, the rules get stupidly easier on you the further you go. It is like hitting the Boss level two minutes in, and then working your way down to a roomful of stupid plodding sprites ten levels later when you've got the BFG. Money is used not to optimize value or time but to alleviate the suffering of those deemed necessary to keep the system running; the lack of money is deliberately wielded against the poor to create subservient class climbers (engineers, doctors, etc) to replenish the ranks of the dwindling middle classes.

It is late, I should probably write this up with better citations later, maybe after I have read some Marx because I'm sure this is all amply spelled out somewhere. But this is what I observe in my own life. I am on track to finally achieve at age 38 what some of my friends had laid out for them at age 23. The moral is not "why did they get it" but rather "why didn't so many other people equally deserving get it?"


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