Feb. 24th, 2012

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1. Found cheap ticket to visit family back in Texas. Though I'll likely be stressed and whatnot, going in March will be very preferable to going in the actual summer. If all goes well, this may be my only plane trip for the year too.
2. Just about have a puzzle solved at work. Can't talk about it here, but getting to the answer meant I got to learn how to use Aspen Dynamics which could be a huge thing in the future. Plus if I am right then I am already on the path to fixing a major headache for my operators and saving the company several times my salary for next year.
3. The last benefit on our relocation package is helping my wife with her job search, and as soon as I asked they jumped on it and contacted her that same day. They'll help with an updated resume, some local contacts, etc., and (cross fingers) will help her feel more confident about getting out there again. It's also nice that their main office is out of Texas too, so even less cultural barriers to helping her.
4. Did a nice walk yesterday morning on both elliptical and treadmill, and so far have no hurt in my hip socket. (I discovered that any soda, diet or regular, will now cause inflammation and pain in that socket which made it hard to do my typical cardio for a few months.)
5. Current Netflix TV show: Black Books. We're in Series 3 now, it's been rather good so far.
6. New music: wrapped up Hot Chelle Rae's current album on iTunes and enjoying a couple tracks for the exercise and general stuff.

In other news, this week will be a bit killer as I discovered that the only way I'll be able to overcome the DOMS I get from kettlebell swings (which basically make me a cripple for 3-5 days after a 20-minute workout) is to overtrain legs and do it again through the pain, until I can manage to do 2 or 3 workouts a week, after my body will adjust to that and the DOMS will fade out. So I am about to go do my swings exercise and planning to do it again Monday morning. Pain here I come...


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