Mar. 10th, 2012

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There is a greater-than-zero chance that my Gramma is on the final stretch. Maybe it will be two weeks, maybe two years, but it is clear that she is ... changing. Right now she is in the hospital and recovering from the most recent round of "stuff." My wife found a cheap ticket for me and I am doing my annual trip to Texas several months earlier than planned. I feel about 80% like this will be my last trip to see Gramma alive. Others seem to feel the same: we are going to have nearly every one of her blood kin here by Monday, including an uncle living overseas and another in Boston, plus of course me in Michigan. I haven't seen this much family in one place in about 20 years.

So far the trip has been OK. I spent some time today with a friend from college. I was best man at their wedding and they have a super-sweet/cute almost-2-year-old girl. That went really well. I have also seen my entire immediate family and all of the pets including a new dog.

Tomorrow is a lunch with Most Everyone, and then an hour or so with another close friend of mine. Monday is hanging out in the hospital, and Tuesday I head back home.

Weirdly, this trip seems to be the generational turning point. My mother looks like my memories of Gramma. My dad fully looks like an old man now. My brother and cousins look like my uncles, and my uncles look like old men. The great-grandchildren are our old selves. It is one thing to know intellectually, but quite another thing to see it.


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