May. 13th, 2012

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Last week was busy at work and busy at home. I was on a code sprint with my pet project and stayed up to 3am Thursday night working on it -- and I did great! It gained a key feature for the Windows version, and I am sooo tempted to just cut what I've got as a release and park it for a while. But still: 3am on Thursday. I had planned on working from home Friday but that didn't happen.

Instead, I moved almost everything around the townhome. Two desks, the elliptical, treadmill, weights, bed, dining room table, cedar chest, wood stove, small chairs, filing cabinet, fire safe, lots of boxes, and some shelves. Along the way I also vacuumed the entire floor. It was about 8-10 hours of work and I'm still sore. But the home is so much better now. We have a real study that encourages me (finally!) to read my books. We can exercise easily in the living room now. I've got plenty of room for sitting Zen too.

That was Friday. Saturday I sat Zen for a few minutes, cooked up a bunch of food for the week (two salads, boiled eggs for tuna salad, a pork loin, vegetable stocks for soup, and have some chicken in the freezer for later). Today I walked about 6 miles outside, had a pretty decent day on food (oatmeal, pork, sauteed mushrooms, and a medium-size cashew chicken lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant), and saw The Avengers for the second time in the last few days. I also called my mom briefly, and am now doing laundry for the week. Once I clean up a bit (I need a shave BAD) I'll either read or do more sitting.


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