Jun. 13th, 2012

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I saw Prometheus this weekend. As a movie, there was a lot of Fridge Logic which others have gotten into on Reddit's /r/movies, but the visuals were really decent. I dunno, people love to say things like "breathtaking" and "groundbreaking" on new movies, but in today's CGI world can one really say that visuals are starkly different or better than even The Phantom Menace which came out in 1999? I saw stuff in The Avengers just as "new and amazing" as anything in Prometheus.

So people have also been saying that Prometheus is good enough to be worth the 3D. Having seen subtle nearly-nonexistent but well-done 3D (Tron: Legacy, and given that world it makes a lot of sense what they did) and not-so-subtle almost-a-headache and provides-zero-story-benefit (The Avengers and Prometheus), I am now convinced that there is no way to make 3D "worth it". Prometheus in particular was guilty of numerous scenes where they threw some non-focused object at the extreme foreground for no good reason other than to be annoying because real eyeballs filter that crap out so you don't even see it.

I'm sure I'll see the occasional film in 3D due to going with other people, but from now on I will be seeking only the 2D versions of any films. On the bright side, I'll never be tempted to get a 3D TV at home now, so that's an extra $1000 in my pocket.


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