Jun. 24th, 2012

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During the week I've been trying to minimize general Internet wasting-time, instead opting to read. Most were books I picked up when we visited Milwaukee over Memorial Day weekend. (I never got a good time to write up on that trip, but it was just a nice 4-day trip to Racine, Milwaukee, then Marquette, and finally back home, with a few stops along the beaches. And of course a very nice drop into Downtown Books for an hour, complete with two cats!)

Technogenesis was the first I read, and pretty good in general. I really liked the Witch and wish she had had about 5 times as much going on. Like some of the reviewers, a few plot points were predictable, but the end result was pretty good.

Next up was The Witches of Karres. OK, I'll admit to a shameless crush on kid Goth and am looking forward to The Sorceress of Karres where we see more of her as young woman Goth. Fun space opera that would be worthy of a television series in after the 1960's-era Star Trek.

Then came Superman: Red Son. Oh yeah, the Ukrainian Man of Steel rocks. Wonder Woman and Batman make their own appearances and are awesome. Other characters too, I don't want to spoil anything, but it's very very cool. I'm looking forward to a few more recent DC's like Superman: Earth One.

Last up we have Signal to Noise. Not bad at all, with some twists that were really unexpected and a whole world that is well-built and scarily feasible at first. And I want a Bubble, but not necessarily a leaky implant or the NSO.

In life news, work's been OK. Hit a lot of milestones all of the sudden which is good. But ... man, I'd love to retire someday. Or just have a summer off to work on my own stuff. I've been itching to hole up and start writing code again. My next project will be a modern re-telling of the [community profile] bbs concept blended with darknets. Imagine Dreamwidth, Reddit, and Facebook rolled into one, with everything encrypted end-to-end and on disk (so who cares if your PC is confiscated?), pseudonyms instead of real names, and utilizing really big hard drives so that everything is at local-network speeds. Email your buddy a Blu-Ray and they get it whenever. Killfile a spammer and never see their crap again, and if enough people killfile them they vanish from the site entirely. Yeah, that would be cool.

Anyway, I'm just in a mood where I'd love to slow down at work and get more going on at home. I'm so tired of being broke too. I take home a lot, but almost 70% of it all goes to debts. It'll be two years before that ends, just before I turn 40. On one hand, the census stats say that my wife and I are right on the 50% mark nationally; so why is it that almost everyone we know seems to have soooo much more money than we ever have? It's gotten so old now.

Ah well, let's get off the depression train and on to bed soon. I've got a great thermo problem to work out tomorrow morning that is like the best parts of grad school, and I need to get the equations put together in Maxima...


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