Apr. 29th, 2013

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Last week was really nice. Four of five of my work days I got to hang out with my wife for lunch, most of those times meeting near the Aquarium and sitting on a bench looking out over the water. The water taxi port just south of the Aquarium has some nice spots that are pretty quiet even when the tourists are out in force. Work is also going well, we just completed another "sprint" and I got basically all my tickets done.

This weekend we had a lot of walking outside. Saturday I hopped the subway to Sullivan station and then walked a mile down Broadway to get a haircut and some Chinese food, then grabbed a bus+subway to State St. station where I met my wife and we walked to the stores at Downtown Crossing, walked out to the stores by Copley by way of the Commons and watched the geese/ducks and lots of folks out there, then into the BPL to check out some CDs, then back to Downtown Crossing to finally buy something that I'm going to return today anyway. Oh well. Yesterday was back out to the Commons where my aunt and my cousin came up from Scituate and we meandered for a few hours down to Chinatown and back. There was a group of college kids playing Qwidditch which was funny. (Though I think the rule on snitches is stupid - they should at least be forced to stay in sight of the arena.) It was nice to see some family. For me it's been over a year to see any family at all, and these particular people it's been four years. Now I'm sunburned pretty good and getting ready for another week of work.

I'm also officially kicking off my actual hard-core diet today. I still won't watch the scale (it's been hidden since the move), but I know I've been losing weight without really trying. I'm down a pants size and my shirts are getting a bit baggier. I'm almost able to truly fit into my smaller sweater, probably another month or more at full diet pace.

Well, off to get my breakfast and make my salad for lunch.


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