Jul. 1st, 2012 07:43 am
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In my dream I'm hearing the THX sound.

In real life I'm snoring.

Wow what a weird but cool dream. Let's see if I can remember much...

OK, there are two Twilight characters - the main girl and guy. Bella and Edward? I don't know Twilight, but they are the actors on the magazines. Anyway, dream is going to be a trilogy. Part 1 is from Bella's POV. It's the sci-fi future, and she's looking for Edward and he is missing. (Actually he's "missing" the entire time.) She's following some group of cult-like people around who she thinks either took/killed him or know where to find him. While following a few of them walking a line down a hallway, the last one turns to face her (camera view) and she is looking at herself. "Where's Edward? Who are you?" "I'm you." "Where on Earth am I?" And then the "cult" Bella's face changes colors with a band of black around her face and the rest of her body fades from view as she says, "Who says you're still on Earth?"

Part 2 is MY POV. Starts in New York City, I'm working for a shipping company. Apparently we ship between the Earth and Moon, and all over the city too. I'm in the office, boring office-y stuff is happening, and then one of my co-workers turns to me and it's Bella. I see the repeat of the end of Part 1 (such a cool visual and I can't describe it at all) only this time it's me who gets the bands around the head. I look around and both of us are in a small side room / hallway thing, lying down over a bed of clear white rocks with our hands deep in the rocks. This is the only way we can speak privately, the rocks shield our thoughts from monitoring. We're both on the Moon somewhere, Bella knows where Edward is / may have seen him / and is organizing a resistance of sorts to something. Other people are teleporting in and out of the room for reports and instructions. All in all about a dozen people involved. From here we can also monitor things. As for Edward, I think he has invented/discovered something that would change the world, so has been isolated or is in hiding until the time is right.

Part 3 is third person POV. Bruce Willis is captain of a spaceship moving stuff to the moon, when someone teleports on board and hijacks the ship. He gets in an escape pod and teleports away, landing in our monitoring room/hall/thing.

Then I turn in bed and notice I'm snoring and wake up.

Someday we'll get the means to record what we SEE in dreams. Hollywood will have its hands full competing with those visuals.
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