Mar. 10th, 2013 08:53 am
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We made it to Boston yesterday evening. We are a mess of hurts and aches but we managed the tightest fastest move in our lives and I am damn. proud. of us both for pulling it off.

Three weeks + two days ago I interviewed with the new company. Since then we have: found housing; found temporary housing; scheduled two different moving companies; sold the car; sold our exercise machines and set them up with their new owners; given away about 10 feet of books mostly to fellow engineers who might conceivably use them; squeezed in lunches and dinners with three families and two other coworkers; sent the laundry machines, microwave, dinner table+chairs, bed frame, and critical "family" chairs back to her folks, some of which will count as a wedding present for her sister; packed our entire place into about 100 boxes; donated dishes, clothes, a stereo, and other small doodads to a thrift store; put our old house door and broken lawn chairs in the dumpster; and cleaned everything in the apartment to its nicest move-in state ever.

Along the way my injuries are: right shoulder (lugging books through the turnstile at work), left knee (wiping out on the ice while moving the treadmill console), and OMG my right calf was killing me and I don't know why but thankfully it's healed to the point that it just feels like a heavy workout now.

And then there's work. I finished up 80 pages of technical reports, handed off a special software tool and assignment to a coworker (and I really do think my leaving saved his job based on several other signs), finished a conceptual design for a high-reliability controls problem, presented on and handed off an IT concept demo, and by the way one of those three weeks I was stuck in a class and couldn't do any of this.

I have never had this kind of energy before. We schedule in some rest and a few hours later I bounce out of bed ready to do more. I got my first 8 hour night last night and I'm finally slowing down.

Last night we took a cab from our hotel near the airport to an Italian place in East Boston and had ravioli, meatballs, fettuccine alfredo, and some really nice bread to scoop up the sauce with. The noodles were a huge cut above the standard chain fare, and the crowd was mostly locals with a very distinctive Boston accent. Even though we were bushed, it was very nice.

The hardest part is not thinking that we are tourists who will have to leave someday. No, we are really here now.

I start my new job tomorrow, and next week we get keys to the new apartment. This afternoon we head to an AirBNB in Somerville and begin exploring the area. Next weekend I have a Linux thing to do at Harvard and we have a date.

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Date: 2013-03-10 03:31 pm (UTC)
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left knee (wiping out on the ice while moving the treadmill console),

Oh, gosh. Ice. I hate it.

When we were moving to Oregon from Texas, I didn't sleep for like a week before and the week during the move. I just wanted it to be done and was so excited to get everything done as quickly as possible.


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