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Mar. 16th, 2013 08:36 am
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We are finally taking a day to rest after the last 4 weeks of crazy. The plan is to watch Netflix, get me a haircut (very easy as we are only a few blocks off Broadway in Somerville), take some naps and a hot bath for her, and maybe get into the moscato but maybe just stick with water.

So far I have done three lunches with coworkers which included sandwiches twice and Umberto's Italian (calzone and one pizza slice). I must conclude that a) city food tastes really good and can be almost as cheap as suburbia food, but b) my digestive system is approaching celiac-like anyway due to simplifying it so much. In other words it tastes awesome going down but hoses my evenings at home. I really can't wait to get our own place and have the fridge space to get back to salads, vegetables, and simple meats and fish.

Work is doing good. I got my first ticket done (trivial) and am almost finished with the second. I'm now running a 100% Linux desktop (Debian and KDE/XFCE) and can reach nearly everything I need: the Windows share, a printer, email via IMAP (both mutt and kmail), IM through Googletalk/Jabber, and of course my dev VM via ssh. Yeah, I really missed this. Right now I am in a weird corner room but should be joining the rest of my team in 2ish weeks.

Boston itself is awesome. We've had some nice sunny mornings that make my current commute through Bunker Hill very pretty. I've found both bus and subway routes to work. Last night we had food at the Burren in Davis Square, the best clam chowder I think I've ever had and she was happy with her fish and chips.

Off to the day then.
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