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1. Stitches came out easily and OK. (Had a mole excised.)
2. Almost finished with Dr Who series 6. He speaks baby, and it is hilarious. "Save your tears for later."
3. We are planning on getting an inflatable boat and paddling up and down the river many weekends this summer. The gratitude is that we live so close to water this is not only feasible it is cheaper than other forms of entertainment.
4. Discovered how to use MS Project to great effect at work.
5. Sun and snow outside our door this morning is pretty.
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1. Found cheap ticket to visit family back in Texas. Though I'll likely be stressed and whatnot, going in March will be very preferable to going in the actual summer. If all goes well, this may be my only plane trip for the year too.
2. Just about have a puzzle solved at work. Can't talk about it here, but getting to the answer meant I got to learn how to use Aspen Dynamics which could be a huge thing in the future. Plus if I am right then I am already on the path to fixing a major headache for my operators and saving the company several times my salary for next year.
3. The last benefit on our relocation package is helping my wife with her job search, and as soon as I asked they jumped on it and contacted her that same day. They'll help with an updated resume, some local contacts, etc., and (cross fingers) will help her feel more confident about getting out there again. It's also nice that their main office is out of Texas too, so even less cultural barriers to helping her.
4. Did a nice walk yesterday morning on both elliptical and treadmill, and so far have no hurt in my hip socket. (I discovered that any soda, diet or regular, will now cause inflammation and pain in that socket which made it hard to do my typical cardio for a few months.)
5. Current Netflix TV show: Black Books. We're in Series 3 now, it's been rather good so far.
6. New music: wrapped up Hot Chelle Rae's current album on iTunes and enjoying a couple tracks for the exercise and general stuff.

In other news, this week will be a bit killer as I discovered that the only way I'll be able to overcome the DOMS I get from kettlebell swings (which basically make me a cripple for 3-5 days after a 20-minute workout) is to overtrain legs and do it again through the pain, until I can manage to do 2 or 3 workouts a week, after my body will adjust to that and the DOMS will fade out. So I am about to go do my swings exercise and planning to do it again Monday morning. Pain here I come...
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1. Vala Mal Doran is back in Stargate SG-1, and is hilariously awesome. (I'm in Season 9.)
2. My pet programming project had a major milestone yesterday: it is running on Windows and doing useful things.
3. Ahead-of-time gratitude/wish: that today is relaxing and has minimal "work-like" time.
4. Enjoyed my wife's potato soup yesterday.
5. Apple chicken sausage is sooo tasty. Today is the last, then back to being good.
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1. Figured out some complicated stuff at work. If I'm right, in a couple weeks we might have the data we need to fix a serious problem for good.
2. I think it stopped raining, finally.
3. Finished up Brian D'Amato's "In The Courts of The Sun". Not bad, but the last few pages feel like a weak setup for the next novel (it says to expect a second book in a trilogy). I'll probably wait on the rest unless there is a big clamor.
4. Found the water bottle I thought was lost.
5. Finished up Season 8 of Stargate SG-1. I'll stop here for a while to catch up to the rest of life.
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I'm coming up again out of a fog of working a bunch, coding in my spare time, and my wife returning home from two weeks of travel.

Winter came here, seemingly out of nowhere. At least, in Texas we'd call this winter: lows in the high 30's, highs in the 50's. I love it, but keep wanting to hibernate for a day or two. While my wife was away I cleaned the bed and put on our electric blanket. Add a cat to sleep on us and we'd never move again.

Work is still quite busy, which is good and I can't say much more other than my projects are humming along. My spare coding project hit a great parking spot this week too.

So let's wrap up with a Five Gratitudes post:

1. My wife traveled safely and soundly.
2. Still employed and enjoying it.
3. Our new place is working out great.
4. My hip hasn't been killing me for a while (keeping fingers crossed).
5. Scribblenauts Remix made it to iPhone. It's amazing how many problems can be solved with cobras, jetpacks, walls, quicksand, or a gorgon. Strong dwarf's are cool too.
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1. Discovering the "It's All Text" thing courtesy [personal profile] shadowspar. Seriously really cool.
2. Managed to get on the treadmill twice this week.
3. My awesome wife put together 100+ days of the diet plan. Very very nice.
4. Got some nice work done the last couple weeks. Very thankful that my boss is so cool with my oddnesses. (Specifically, I'm the person who digs in hard on one thing at a time, not the kind who pushed through a dozen little things. Many places have trouble with that, but my boss is OK with it.)
5. This weather! Autumn is coming and I am extremely happy about it.
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1. Chicago trip was really cool. Unstructured, but we did get to see a set at Andy's Jazz Club, visit a couple bookstores (one with a cat), walk about 20 miles in 2.5 days, and enjoy some really nice weather for the most part.
2. A good problem to have: work is very busy.
3. Enjoyed some Koegel's dogs last night. (I've become a huge fan of Koegel hot dogs. Yum.)
4. Talked to my brother last night.
5. Finally saw a couple good Star Trek TNG episodes I had never seen before.
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1. My friend's interview went well. Still waiting on an official call, but I think he stands a really good chance. My wife finally got to meet him, and I hope we did well in making him feel welcome.
2. We have all of the major furniture placed in the townhome now. Two more weeks and a trip to Goodwill should get us able to start hanging things and decorating. (And I'm sure I've said this before. It just takes sooo long to move in when one is also sorting and discarding at the same time.)
3. Work is still doing very well. I'll never take being happy/content on the job for granted again, knowing now what it's like to work a Shit Sandwich professional job. I would almost take McDonalds over that, seriously.
4. Finally starting to use medical insurance again. I will also never take regular PPO insurance for granted, having experienced the not-really-insurance of a high deductible plan.
5. Went to my first social event (birthday party) last night, and it was nice. Good food, got to meet a few new folks, and played croquet for the first time (got 2nd place).
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1. Cool evening weather in August. Holy shit this is nice.
2. Finally reached a major milestone in one of my work assignments. (A little nervous as it is a bit higher profile than I am used to.)
3. Speaking of work, someone I know from the old job might be getting called up for an interview. I spoke well of him, and hope he can get up here.
4. My wife has plans to visit our friends' new baby in a couple months. Excitement all around.
5. Still losing weight.
6. It's nice to really feel some happy again. I look like a different person in the mirror now. I can even smile and mean it.
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1. Watching Ink again. What a beautiful movie.
2. Watching IT Crowd.
3. Dropping 4.2 lbs from yesterday.
4. Getting a call from my brother.
5. Spending time with my wife and enjoying the food she cooked for me.

So yesterday was a "day off" for me. I got to see some Netflix stuff which I enjoyed, and ate spot on for my diet. Later in the evening I spoke with my mom and my oldest brother too, which was unusual but good. Today I'm planning to watch a bit more Netflix, because sometime this week we're going to suspend the account for a few months while we focus on diet and exercise.

About Across the Universe... )

Let's talk about the diet... )

Well, that was what I wanted to get out this morning. Time for a little more Stargate SG-1 and some errands.
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1. Had a nice walk in the neighborhood with my wife.
2. I start up my diet again tomorrow, and am SO excited!
3. I deleted both my G+ and Reddit accounts. G+ because of the names thing, and Reddit because ... well, Reddit has really started to suck lately. Stuff that a couple years ago would have been upvoted to infinity is instead attacked by various posses of basically white male a-holes of different flavors. Was this what Digg used to be?
4. Had an awesome day at work. My Octave code now does its thing, generates graphs, writes a bunch of sed substitution regexps to a file, and then calls a bash script to pipe a latex template through sed and generate an automatic report that shows inputs, outputs, graphs, and even picks out a flow diagram.
5. Had some rather good spaghetti and meatballs for tonight's nine-years-since-we-first-met anniversary.
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1. My wife found a lot of stuff to give away, and made the living room much cleaner too. That was awesome to come home to.
2. I deleted my Facebook account, as part of my new "not putting up with things that depress me now or will annoy me later". (This is part of a longer story involving my mom and what everyone-else-in-the-world perceives as gossip but she is incapable of seeing as such.)
3. We both got caught up on sleep and are feeling much better today.
4. This morning I am set to get a new license for this state, and I won't have to make up the time at work.
5. Enjoyed a nice time sitting on the back porch yesterday evening.
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1. Saw Captain America.
2. Sat this morning.
3. My boss asked about my wife. Sooo much better than the last place.
4. It's not 100+ degrees F.
5. Good day at work.
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The last four months are finally starting to hit me. Sheesh a lot has happened.

Let's recap... )

Along the way I had started to sit and really liked it. I haven't done that at all in the last month. I've also been failing to do Five Gratitudes or make time to write here.

I noticed now that I seem to attract hostility now online (offline is still fine). Some of that seems to be a general global everyone-is-pissed-off thing (maybe the freaking hot summer?), but a lot is definitely just me. I'm jumping in to deliver my $0.02 which is no different really than anyone else's $0.02, and doing so in a way that invites an angry response. And I've got some stuff I really am angry about including leftover crap/misdirected guilt from my extended family, the bigger picture of seeing American democracy very visibly crumbling, and the fact I've gained quite a bit of weight over the last two months.

So it's time to reboot things back into better habits. I'm going to sit this morning for as long as I can, have a small healthy breakfast, and later this afternoon post some gratitudes. I can't change the world much, but I can certainly get back to changing myself.
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1. Family time with in-laws and their cousins.
2. Cat time with Little.
3. Another ep of SG-1.
4. Chocolate milk + car drive + music = heaven.
5. Sunday afternoon nap with my wife.
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1. That my 12-hour night shifts are finally over. A couple nights is OK, but 7? Damn it got to sucking. I'm still dreaming pipes and metal buildings.
2. I finally have my big sturdy Amish rocking chair set up to watch TV/Netflix. Yay.
3. Saw a lot of good stuff: the final Harry Potter film, Doctor Who season 5, No Strings Attached, and another episode of Stargate SG-1. Realizing that SG-1 was actually a rather decently-done show so far (into Season 2).
4. Sent a thank you note to my brother and his wife for their help in our move.
5. Two of our Texas friends had babies (both girls) on the same day this week. Both mommas and daughters are doing great.

A longer post follows...
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1. Survived (and even had fun) on my first 12-hour night shift.
2. Signed what may be the last bit of paperwork on selling the house. We might have our check as early as tomorrow afternoon!
3. Got more of the house unpacked.
4. Had good Chinese for lunch at work and didn't have to pay.
5. My hip feels a little better this week than last week.
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1. The wife made it home safely.
2. Finding several awesome stores the last couple days.
3. Getting the master bedroom fully unpacked.
4. An evening of music and wine.
5. Re-reading a bit of The Fionavar Tapestry.

I picked her up yesterday at the Flint airport (really convenient too, even has a cellphone waiting lot) and we headed into Detroit to visit a giant 4-story used bookstore in downtown. The store was really neat; it deserves a whole new post but I'll have to wait on that for later. We also caught its two other branches, one by Wayne State University and the other up near Troy. At the last branch I found the paperbacks for The Fionavar Tapestry for cheap and picked them up, and I'm really looking forward to a detailed re-read. Without spoiling it, I just love how many Crowning Moments of Awesome are worked into the story, especially as each of the main characters evolves. Then we hit the Somerset Collection and dropped into Lush and Intimacy, had dinner, and finally grabbed a room to crash. We slept a good 10-12 hours, and then worked our way all the way home. After a few hours we got to working on the master bedroom and laundry, I got the elliptical machine put back together, and then we went to bed after 1am. Unfortunately I was up again by 6am thanks to the early dawn. Today we'll get the curtains up so the rooms can stay dark.

I've got some cold pizza and coke in the fridge. Breakfast of champions here I come!
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1. Will be seeing my wife for the first time in three weeks later today.
2. Finished Stargate SG-1 season 1.
3. Had a really good day at work. Got to bring up my thesis work as it applies to my job.
4. My leg is doing better, it doesn't hurt so much to walk anymore.
5. Got a pointer to a local church that might be good for us.

In other news, I've been bushed. Worked a lot of overtime, not because I had to but because I really wanted to. I've been studying what we do at a science/academic level for a week, looking for papers of interest and trying to put it together in my head. It's important to do, but not really part of my assignments so I've kind of stretched into it after hours. It's also nice to be there past 6pm when it goes to night shift and it's easy to stay focused on what I'm thinking about. I like that this job deeply interests me, and feels so much like my first good job again. (My writing is so choppy tonight, my thoughts are a bit disorganized.)

Tonight I sleep in as much as I can, clean up some, and then pack up for a day or two to be out and about. I don't have to go back to work until Wednesday, so we can spend a night out and see Detroit. Now to think of what we'll do!
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1. Found everything I need to resume cooking my normal food. No more trips to fast food!
2. Slept really deeply and have much more energy today.
3. Managed to stick to my diet yesterday despite serious cravings for chocolate. (I'm going to invent a chocolate epi-pen someday.)
4. Despite eating total shit the last three months, still weigh less than I did this time last year.
5. A four day weekend.


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