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Once I decided this week to take things easy and not strive to do a perfect diet, I just checked this morning and seem to have shed 5 lbs. Go figure, my body is getting something it needs I guess, plus my stress is dropping but also changing. Getting 10 hours of sleep probably helped a great deal too.

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My challenge this next year is to finally start accepting life as it is, work to be comfortable living in my skin, be the Idealist INFJ I am, and start really enjoying the journey.

Finally, we're looking at getting another cat starting next year. It can't be a black one that looks like our other baby, but I'm shooting for a kitten we can watch grow up again. Probably another girl, and this time indoor only.
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The cat died six months after my last post ("Silenced..."). Not "the" cat, actually one of two cats, but really "the" cat because we had her before we ever got married, and we chose our duplex for her, and even our house partly for her. She hated most people, but dearly loved us and her routine of napping on the bed and chasing grasshoppers in the yard when the weather was nice (which wasn't nearly as often as we had hoped because it was so damn hot). After she died we gave the other one to another home that would be less depressing for her since she was still very young and was so needing/loving to other people.

With the heart forcibly cut out of our cat-family, I finally dusted off the resume and put myself "out there" in search of a new job and a new life. It took some time to get the pipeline of applications rolling, but after a couple months a recruiter called for a company I had never heard of and two months later we're now in a hotel looking for a new home a thousand miles away from the old one.

Along the way I learned that I am an INFJ -- the rarest temperament of all -- and was meant to be a teacher or counselor or priest or poet rather than an engineer. Go figure. But it explains my personal history and my career and gives me a very powerful tool in controlling my future. My life is filled with W's: "word magic", "wanderlust", "writing", "walking", and "wife".

I'm not going back. Ever. No more Red States, no more Slave States, no more holding myself inside a box while trying to help fucking ingrates. We've got enough to do up here trying to save the world.

Tonight we sleep, and tomorrow morning I (we?) hit the hotel gym in a new beginning to things.


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