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I saw my very first live hockey game this week. The home team won 3-2 after overtime and a shootout. It was really cool. Hockey is like the perfect sweet spot between football and soccer, requiring lots of fighting over every point but with lots of aggression built right into the game rules. You could tell when the players were starting to get warmed up too.

On dieting: I've decided to take a bit of a break from it until next year. Right now I'm in a terrible headspace for diet, such that every meal I put myself into a no-win situation with internal good/bad moralizing. This just isn't working. I'll go several days in diet, then have 1-2 meals that undo it, and at the end of the week I feel like crap for not making any progress. On top of which I am giving mixed signals to my wife about whether I am in or not, and then I let her leftover meals sabotage me, so it pulls her into the no-win situation and makes her feel like crap.

I'm still down about 20 lbs from my peak last year, and I'll try to hang onto that gain, but I have got to get the emotionalism drained out of this thing, get physically moving again, and then start listening to what my body is really asking for.
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1. Watching Ink again. What a beautiful movie.
2. Watching IT Crowd.
3. Dropping 4.2 lbs from yesterday.
4. Getting a call from my brother.
5. Spending time with my wife and enjoying the food she cooked for me.

So yesterday was a "day off" for me. I got to see some Netflix stuff which I enjoyed, and ate spot on for my diet. Later in the evening I spoke with my mom and my oldest brother too, which was unusual but good. Today I'm planning to watch a bit more Netflix, because sometime this week we're going to suspend the account for a few months while we focus on diet and exercise.

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Well, that was what I wanted to get out this morning. Time for a little more Stargate SG-1 and some errands.


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