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We got through the inspection step and are now in a binding contract with no further negotiations needed.

I could cry. Seriously, I am so happy that we are moving forward. Looks like we'll be staying here for the foreseeable future.

Are you ready?
Elsa happy at the end
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Long long time ago,
In a galaxy far away,

...well you know the rest. Weird Al rocks.

Back in the old place I had a job that royally sucked but was nailed to because we Had A House. Then came a new employer and corporate relocation and we became renters again, and after pulling every spare cent of house equity (which still didn't cover our improvements but hey) and living so much cheaper in our apartment because we weren't going to Home Depot buying stuff for it, we cut my school loan debt by 50% and mostly eliminated credit card debt. We're on track to pay off the rest of school in 3 years and finally be free.

But last week we started running some numbers. There are places around here that foreclosed in 2008-ish, then got some serious upgrades, and are now on sale for 40% less than our old place. And the loan rates are under 4% - which is really freaking low. We could in theory be in a house with a lower monthly payment including tax and insurance than our current rent.

If I assume that I will have 12-18 months of employment (big assumption I know, except that I've never felt this good about any of my jobs before), then it becomes in our economic best interest to buy. And if I lose my job before then, a house payment in this area is actually about the lowest cost of living in the entire damn country that is still safe, not totally boonies, and has a decent mix of other jobs for both of us to apply to. And part of our Ireland trip finances included gathering up some cash which turns out is actually enough to cover the down payment.

We've been looking at a particular house for over 8 months it's been listed. I signed a formal offer on it last night.

I'm nervous of course. But hopeful too.

The saga begins again.
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I'm about to head to sleep at 5am-ish, having stayed up all night watching Doctor Who season 5 on Netflix. I'm about halfway through the season and it's really awesome! I can also see why all the fan wank for Karen Gillan, there's a lot of fanservice for her in the writing. But as a character I like her a lot too: smart enough to figure out the space whale ahead of the Doctor, and her thing with Rory breaks way out of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl cliches.

But the real adventure I'm referring to is the next seven days, or rather the next seven nights. I'll be working 12-hour night shifts for a solid week shadowing an experienced shift engineer, and I'm very excited about it. This will be my chance to finally meet and hang out with the operations staff, do a lot of field study of the manufacturing process, and also chit chat with one of the handful of engineers who has a reputation for being very well-grounded in the science of what we do. I plan to ask him a number of questions about striking the right balance between being approachable to the operators but also getting the alone time I need to actually complete my assignments. In the past I've tended to lean too heavily on the alone time part (it's computer modeling), so this is a welcome opportunity to do it differently.

At home we are probably about 40% unpacked now. We're going to end up with a few boxes of "crap we never even unpacked from the last two moves" that I have decided we will get rid of, and maybe a few items in the "if we ever get a house again it would be stupid to buy this all over again", but all in all I think about everything we have left will fit nicely into the apartment. We'll even have room to entertain some people, assuming we can find some locally. I created a profile on OkCupid for both of us, I've seen a lot of interesting people on there and maybe we can connect to a few in the next few months.

On to bed! We got some thick curtains set up so I hope to make at least seven hours of sleep this morning.
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1. The wife made it home safely.
2. Finding several awesome stores the last couple days.
3. Getting the master bedroom fully unpacked.
4. An evening of music and wine.
5. Re-reading a bit of The Fionavar Tapestry.

I picked her up yesterday at the Flint airport (really convenient too, even has a cellphone waiting lot) and we headed into Detroit to visit a giant 4-story used bookstore in downtown. The store was really neat; it deserves a whole new post but I'll have to wait on that for later. We also caught its two other branches, one by Wayne State University and the other up near Troy. At the last branch I found the paperbacks for The Fionavar Tapestry for cheap and picked them up, and I'm really looking forward to a detailed re-read. Without spoiling it, I just love how many Crowning Moments of Awesome are worked into the story, especially as each of the main characters evolves. Then we hit the Somerset Collection and dropped into Lush and Intimacy, had dinner, and finally grabbed a room to crash. We slept a good 10-12 hours, and then worked our way all the way home. After a few hours we got to working on the master bedroom and laundry, I got the elliptical machine put back together, and then we went to bed after 1am. Unfortunately I was up again by 6am thanks to the early dawn. Today we'll get the curtains up so the rooms can stay dark.

I've got some cold pizza and coke in the fridge. Breakfast of champions here I come!
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It's been a few days since I've had time for Dreamwidth, trying to catch up some this morning. Work will be a little slower so maybe I'll find some time during the day too.

This weekend I started getting on my diet and as is normal for me had two days of super-tiredness set in, but then by Monday morning was starting to bounce back and now I'm rolling pretty good. I feel a little "stretched out" now (low carbs) but should be able to make it to the weekend after which I can get one off-diet meal if I need it. And my sleep is getting a lot better with deep dreams and such which is helping me keep moving during the day.

Work has been pretty good too. My boss seems happy with my progress so far, I'm doing OK with networking (slowly) and using email and IM to my advantage, and we've got a new hire event tonight so I might bump into more new folks. And the movers should be unloading tomorrow night which means a bed (!) just in time for a three-day weekend.

I've also been enjoying Merlin, it reminds me a lot of a cross between Smallville and Buffy. I keep waiting for Merlin to finally bust loose, but then that's part of the tension. I like a lot of things about it:

  • How Guinevere isn't a blond cheerleader for jock Arthur to drool over.

  • The similarities to The Mists of Avalon: Morgana is a very sympathetic character, Uther is a dick, magic isn't evil, Morgana has a loving bond with Mordred (who isn't initially evil), and Arthur is a bit of a tool.

  • Lancelot (so far - Season 1) is a real hero with a heart of gold.

  • You can see that when the truth is out, Arthur is going to always be torn between love and fear of Merlin, much like the original legends.

  • The effects are pretty good, despite the occasional moments of "can totally tell it's green-screen" like every time they fight a supernatural creature.

  • And Morgana once again. They could rename the show Morgana and I'd be a happy viewer. :-)

Well, on to work!
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I grew my Dreamwidth reading list a little more, it's pretty exciting browsing around and seeing so many interesting folks from all over! I get this feeling here like "this is a huge part of what the Internet was originally intended to be". And now I wish I could have gone to WisCon, but I'll just have to live it vicariously through blogs. :)

Work has been going really really well. I'm branching out and meeting new folks, I even have on my daily TODOs "Meet one new person" and "Check calendars to see about tagging along to something". Got some brand-new steel toes for the plant which I can hopefully keep clean enough for dates. (Tangent: My wife and I got married in matching black steel-toe boots. She's so awesome.)

At a meeting today someone was asked about the formula used to derive an important number, and they replied that it's a complex Excel sheet and they will write up the formula for it later on in a report. But that got me thinking about re-creating a tool I had made once for the Other Company: the Excel Dereferencer (ED). )

Home life is pretty good too. We hit a new burger place last night that wasn't all that hot, but they had decent ice cream to make up for it. Friday night we've got tickets to see The StepCrew in Midland, and I'm thinking the weekend we're going to spend indoors and 100% lazy (finally!).


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