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My wife has been visiting family and friends the last couple weeks, and tomorrow night we finally get back together for hopefully a nice weekend in a new city. In the meantime I setup with a new Family Video store (seriously a very nice Old Skool video chain with dirt-cheap prices) and have been watching through five movies this week. A brief rundown...

The Cabin In The Woods is frankly hilarious. I won't spoil it, but I was laughing a lot of the way through. OK, I'll spoil one bit: I absolutely loved the part that goes Ding! and someone says "Oh shit!" That part was worth a couple re-watches.

Wedding Daze was so-so. I've found that Jason Biggs' characters in every romcom just grate the hell on my nerves, but then Isla Fisher is the cutest damn thing and makes up a lot for it. A couple funny moments from Cipher make the rest of it palatable. I think it would make pretty decent Netflix background movie fare.

The Watchmen was forgettable. I read the comic so I had a good idea of what was coming. Rorschach was by far the best character, but the other actors did alright by their characters except for Dr Manhattan, he really needed to be a lot more of a baritone voice. The sex stuff was overplayed, yeah it's a big deal in the comic but not nearly as much as they portrayed in the movie. Honestly I was flat bored through most of it.

An Education was pretty good. Jenny is way too smart for her age as a character, but Carey Mulligan portrays her brilliantly. It's one of those films where kind of everyone comes off looking like an ass except for the headmistress who is an ass but comes off looking pretty wise. The period outfits are gorgeous, both the scenery and all the people (even the besotted boy). But I just have a "thing" with the 1960's: every movie that tries to glamorize it (looking at Across The Universe) just makes me think of everyone as pampered firstworldproblem'ers and I've got no sympathy for any of them. "Oh woe is me, living in a time of amazing economic growth and dirt-cheap high-quality college education and the breaking of one social barrier after another and I can't decide what to do with my life because daddy is paying for an entire family including all the college-bound children on one salary." Well gosh, boo-fucking-hoo.

Enter the Void. Well, this one is really really interesting. I'm not quite through with it yet, but it has really sucked me in and I had to take a break to tell myself I'm not on drugs and not in the middle of one hell of a trip. I rarely get to see movies that treat the audience like adults. Weirdly enough the movie that this reminds me of is Ink which rates in my top three movies of all time.

That's it for now. Tomorrow morning is work and then I'm going to go pick up the wife.
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I will identify two movies that IMHO suck for the same reason: Melancholia and Rachel Getting Married. I don't mind that these movies have weddings in them, or even that the weddings are central to the staging or plot. What irks me is when these weddings feature families and friends that are both ridiculously wealthy and obliviously unlikeable people. 10 minutes into Melancholia and I was ready for the planet to be destroyed because not one of the dozens of well-dressed folks had connected with me enough to want them to live on.

Damn. I normally look forward to Kirsten Dunst, even when she has a mean conniving role like Mona Lisa Smile.

Oh and to any Hollywood folks out there reading: for the love of God please do not start your movie with an entire 5-minute song and no other dialogue to "set the mood". It doesn't set any mood but "when will the movie start already?" I'm looking at Melancholia still but also Midnight in Paris.
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I saw Prometheus this weekend. As a movie, there was a lot of Fridge Logic which others have gotten into on Reddit's /r/movies, but the visuals were really decent. I dunno, people love to say things like "breathtaking" and "groundbreaking" on new movies, but in today's CGI world can one really say that visuals are starkly different or better than even The Phantom Menace which came out in 1999? I saw stuff in The Avengers just as "new and amazing" as anything in Prometheus.

So people have also been saying that Prometheus is good enough to be worth the 3D. Having seen subtle nearly-nonexistent but well-done 3D (Tron: Legacy, and given that world it makes a lot of sense what they did) and not-so-subtle almost-a-headache and provides-zero-story-benefit (The Avengers and Prometheus), I am now convinced that there is no way to make 3D "worth it". Prometheus in particular was guilty of numerous scenes where they threw some non-focused object at the extreme foreground for no good reason other than to be annoying because real eyeballs filter that crap out so you don't even see it.

I'm sure I'll see the occasional film in 3D due to going with other people, but from now on I will be seeking only the 2D versions of any films. On the bright side, I'll never be tempted to get a 3D TV at home now, so that's an extra $1000 in my pocket.
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I finally saw the LOTR Extended Edition just now. And I mean really just now. :)

Started watching I think around 9pm last night, got all the way through the Battle of Pelennor, and then had to sleep around 6ish. There were a couple bathroom breaks and the pizza delivery. Got back up around 10:30 this morning and just finished it.

I had seen the original cut in theatres, but it was so long ago I had forgotten a lot of details. I liked the extended edition a lot though.

Spoilers for a decade-year-old film... )

The movie really makes me miss the pre-911 world. Some of that is classic get-off-my-lawn: Liv Tyler is basically my age so seeing a young Arwen is remembering a young me too. But other stuff too: this was a movie made by an awesome crew of film and fantasy geeks, and you can really see in the performances that these actors grew real friendships along the way. I imagine what it would be like to be part of that project with so much energy being put not into making money or being sexy but in telling a story as epic as the Illiad.

Well I'm rambling, better wrap up soon. I think another nap and then I'll be ready to do my other geeking for the weekend: consolidating all of my Unix-y stuff into a single netbook and then backing it up as my default image.


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