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This morning starts a three-week period in which my wife travels to visit family and I geek out hard and start working a lot of overtime, and also I get to finish moving our hotel things into the new home. So after I got back from dropping her off at the train station I vegged a bit (got 2 hours of sleep total last night), had breakfast, and headed on over to the townhome. I finished putting up the blinds, set up the wireless router (Netgear WNDRMAC), and then brought out my Brand. New. Toy.: a Rocketfish webcam that works with both Linux and Mac (UCV support).

It took a while to get a Linux capture working OK, probably because my laptop is slightly borked in the X11 setup with the video driver (I'm using software MesaGL only due to this one reproducible X11 rendering crash). But I eventually got MPlayer to record something in reasonable sync, at least good enough for me to see it again later. The Apple side was immediately useful though, PhotoBooth is pretty cool, as seen behind the cut... )

So here's the deal: the webcam cost $85, and I also paid for a year of Dreamwidth at $35. So I'm gonna be in some doo when my wife gets home and notices. But my cunning plan is to record a bunch of vlog updates throughout the three weeks she's gone and have them ready for her, and maybe even figure out how to make a cool edited video or two. If I can make her laugh enough, I might come out of this one without too many bruises, metaphorically speaking.

Anyway, five gratitudes time:

1. That my wife is safe and sound on the train.
2. The friends of mine who are fathers, and one in particular who became a father just 11 days ago.
3. For learning about temperament and the relief I feel at seeing so many people who share my particular weirdnesses.
4. Payday this week was a bit more than expected, very much yay.
5. For Chinese fortune cookies, because they can always get a good laugh by ending them with "in bed!"


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