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Master: The Tao is the Un-Nameable.
Student: Do you mean the Tao is the NULL pointer?
Master: The NULL pointer is 0x0. It has a Name. It can be de-referenced on some architectures, or throw an exception. The Tao is the Un-Nameable.
Student: Is it SQL NULL?
Master: SQL NULL can be manipulated and filtered with IS NULL. The Tao is Un-Nameable.
Student: What then is Tao?
Master: Tao is possibility, inevitability, and absence. It is the data represented by the NULL field, the memory behind the NULL pointer. It is All and Not All. No opcode can locate it yet it resides at all levels of the instruction pipeline.
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I grew my Dreamwidth reading list a little more, it's pretty exciting browsing around and seeing so many interesting folks from all over! I get this feeling here like "this is a huge part of what the Internet was originally intended to be". And now I wish I could have gone to WisCon, but I'll just have to live it vicariously through blogs. :)

Work has been going really really well. I'm branching out and meeting new folks, I even have on my daily TODOs "Meet one new person" and "Check calendars to see about tagging along to something". Got some brand-new steel toes for the plant which I can hopefully keep clean enough for dates. (Tangent: My wife and I got married in matching black steel-toe boots. She's so awesome.)

At a meeting today someone was asked about the formula used to derive an important number, and they replied that it's a complex Excel sheet and they will write up the formula for it later on in a report. But that got me thinking about re-creating a tool I had made once for the Other Company: the Excel Dereferencer (ED). )

Home life is pretty good too. We hit a new burger place last night that wasn't all that hot, but they had decent ice cream to make up for it. Friday night we've got tickets to see The StepCrew in Midland, and I'm thinking the weekend we're going to spend indoors and 100% lazy (finally!).


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