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Jan. 3rd, 2012 10:03 pm
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"I have returned."
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I am at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and lookie here:

Ancient Jaffa Horus Guard

See that huge calf? That's more muscle than puny humans have, it's gotta be a Jaffa. Daniel Jackson was right all along.

(More seriously, this place is a Stargate fan's dream. I keep looking for Ga'ould neck scars.)
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Tipsy. Actually, more like drunk. At 12:45pm. But a nice drunk nonetheless. Cooking some rice and chili to provide a nice food base for more drinking and then an afternoon nap before to tonight's showing of Addam's Family.

We've had almost six days now of New York and already I'll be sad to leave it. Cheap but good Chinese food in Brooklyn, two shows in Manhattan, and the American Museum of Natural History so far. And the subway, God the subway. It sounds corny as hell, but truly the subway is where engineering meets the divine. It's a church of science, a melding of so many peoples as they do their mundane daily tasks in proximate privacy of each other.

Yesterday was the museum and more Buddhas than I have ever seen in one place. Happy Buddhas, laughing Buddhas, and angry vengeful Buddhas whose teeth are fangs and drink out of human skulls as they defend the faithful. But also the Japanese stages of life which include cremation and worship of the ancestors. The West I think did us all a bad turn when they turned from Death, promising a life eternal somewhere else (Heaven) rather than connection with our children in this Earth. More on that in some other post when my camera pictures can be uploaded.

Also finished the third volume in the Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant. It took some time to see, but I think I finally understand Donaldson's purpose: Linden really is Kevin, striving to avoid Desecration yet walking into it anyway. Covenant's chapters read like the first two trilogies so easy to follow, but I will need to read Linden's again after the final book is out.

Ramble over, food is ready. More later on. Until then, enjoy a few pictures over at Flickr under "mirrormask25".


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