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I am at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and lookie here:

Ancient Jaffa Horus Guard

See that huge calf? That's more muscle than puny humans have, it's gotta be a Jaffa. Daniel Jackson was right all along.

(More seriously, this place is a Stargate fan's dream. I keep looking for Ga'ould neck scars.)
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I spent a decent chunk of my Thanksgiving holiday watching ABC's No Ordinary Family on Netflix. Sadly, the show was canceled, but on the bright side it is cleanly set up to re-launch anytime in the future. Some of the things I really loved about it:

  • Everyone's powers makes sense for them, and clearly matches the intended audience. Jim was a chunky guy who dreamed of being as much a physical hero as he was already sort of a family man hero; his power was to become super-strong and impervious to most things, and he used it to help catch criminals. Stephanie was the suburban super-mom who worked, worked out, and never had enough time; her power was to become faster than anyone else, and she used it to get time with her family back. Daphne wanted to fit in at school, and gained the power of knowing exactly what everyone else is thinking. JJ wanted to get better grades and make his parents proud, and he gained a super-brain which coincidentally gave him far superior athletic abilities.

  • The writers played brilliantly with having parallel and mirrored adult and children plots in several episodes. And speaking of, each generation's powers also mirrored each other: the parents had physical prowess (speed/strength), the children had mental prowess (telepathy/brains).

  • Everyone's powers got explored and used in good ways in several episodes.

  • Even the much-feared killer Joshua became a sympathetic character before the end. He was more the abused and twisted child soldier than the cold-blooded murderer. His powers of telekinesis and telepathy would make sense too: perhaps as a child he wanted most to protect himself from others by keeping them away. Speaking of bad guys: Dr. King's invulnerability makes sense as he wants to live forever, and Victoria's power would make sense if she wanted to be anyone else but herself.

  • There are some great questions left open at the final episode:
    • What kind of powers might George have? Like Katie he makes a great sidekick, loves comics and all. He is vain, a womanizer, enjoyed the day he got the glory for Jim's save, but ultimately I think he wants most to get the bad guys and find the evidence he needs to lock them away. I would give him the power of seeing the future, with the challenge being not judging people based on the actions they haven't yet taken.

    • What about Katie's son? With super-juice in his DNA, and the ability to revive himself from stillbirth, will he live forever? Will Katie's telekinesis be from him, or could she still have it to protect him? Since he is the first true mutant child, will there be any others, e.g. will the Powells' grandkids be guaranteed to be mutants?

    • How would the relationship between the government and the Powells play out? Would the government try to use super-juice to make their own super-soldiers?

  • Another theme I really liked was the Powells' general alienation with their neighbors, the school, and their respective families, as seen at the school fair and when they tried to make friends with the art thief's family. This is how American families are supposed to be though: the nuclear unit with all of the secrets held inside. Yet it still gets incredibly lonely sometimes.

  • I also liked how this was the very beginning of mutant powers, unlike the other recent take in Heroes where we learn that powers have been around forever and just well-hidden. In this one the Powells are the first to have permanence and we are all learning about what that means for the first time. There aren't any mentors to turn to, or ancient artifacts to surface, or a global conspiracy (yet) pulling everyone's strings.

I thought in the end it was a brilliant show, hitting just the sweet spot between "what if powers were real" and "how would they play out today"? I just wish they had three more seasons to finish building their world.
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On Monday morning I'm going to start writing a function called "dial_the_stargate()" for computing wormhole formation. Seriously.
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I'm loving the new Torchwood, even though some moments are just painful to watch.

Spoilers if you haven't been watching... )
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It's been a few days since I've had time for Dreamwidth, trying to catch up some this morning. Work will be a little slower so maybe I'll find some time during the day too.

This weekend I started getting on my diet and as is normal for me had two days of super-tiredness set in, but then by Monday morning was starting to bounce back and now I'm rolling pretty good. I feel a little "stretched out" now (low carbs) but should be able to make it to the weekend after which I can get one off-diet meal if I need it. And my sleep is getting a lot better with deep dreams and such which is helping me keep moving during the day.

Work has been pretty good too. My boss seems happy with my progress so far, I'm doing OK with networking (slowly) and using email and IM to my advantage, and we've got a new hire event tonight so I might bump into more new folks. And the movers should be unloading tomorrow night which means a bed (!) just in time for a three-day weekend.

I've also been enjoying Merlin, it reminds me a lot of a cross between Smallville and Buffy. I keep waiting for Merlin to finally bust loose, but then that's part of the tension. I like a lot of things about it:

  • How Guinevere isn't a blond cheerleader for jock Arthur to drool over.

  • The similarities to The Mists of Avalon: Morgana is a very sympathetic character, Uther is a dick, magic isn't evil, Morgana has a loving bond with Mordred (who isn't initially evil), and Arthur is a bit of a tool.

  • Lancelot (so far - Season 1) is a real hero with a heart of gold.

  • You can see that when the truth is out, Arthur is going to always be torn between love and fear of Merlin, much like the original legends.

  • The effects are pretty good, despite the occasional moments of "can totally tell it's green-screen" like every time they fight a supernatural creature.

  • And Morgana once again. They could rename the show Morgana and I'd be a happy viewer. :-)

Well, on to work!


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