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Yesterday we visited my wife's great-aunt and uncle, who had a number of folks from Texas visiting. While there I noticed for the second time an embroidery on the wall that quoted Psalm 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God." It got me thinking about a project.

Someday I'd like to make either a video or a series of posters that use famous Christian quotes paired with non-Christian images. For "Be still and know that I God" the image would be a room full of Buddhists meditating. Other quotes would be about feeding and clothing the poor, loving your enemies, showing humility, and each of the beatitudes; images would pull from Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu traditions, along with non-religious images like Doctors Without Borders, a family buying groceries with WIC, and a children's book reading at a library. All told I want about 20 such images.
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For some reason I got up at 3:30ish and tried hard to sleep again but it wouldn't come. Oh well, let's call this practice for the 12-hour shifts coming up at work.

I used the time to outline an essay I'd like to write someday about faerie and angel figurines. We visited Frankenmuth this weekend and for the third time I saw some Faerie Glen figurines on sale and got to thinking about them. In my childhood in the Bible Belt faerie figurines like these would have caused a huge stir, yet today they are available even down there, and of course both Barbie and the Tinkerbell franchise have made several movies using similar characters. But I also saw some angel figurines and that's what got me thinking: angels vs faeries. I'm sure it's a well-traveled space (madonna/whore, Eve/Lilith) but hey I thought it would be fun to get into later when I had more time. I'm particularly interested in how the concepts I see in the figurines translate to masculine images.

I also uncovered an idea for a short story that I never wrote down that I called Alien Jesus. The story idea is that humanity develops a star drive, meets aliens, and the aliens have their own version of Jesus (who I named J'okshar) who did everything the human Jesus did and far far more. The choice quote:

"When the Child of God came to visit us, we were moved by its words and deeds, and chose to continue listening. Our gospel is a hundred times the length of yours, and contains everything yours does but also includes critical lessons in what you would call sociology, anthropology, and economics. As proof of its divinity, J'okshar gave us two mathematical proofs, one regarding the distribution of prime numbers and the other providing an unbreakable cipher algorithm (which allowed all of us to communicate to each other freely). After fifty years of teaching it was given kingship over its people, where it reigned in peace for a hundred years. It was heartened by the growth of its message to other nations, and as proof of its faith in our conversion it gave to us the equation relating matter and energy shortly before it passed away. On the third day it rose from the dead just as it did for you, and vanished a month later. Within a century our entire world had achieved peace.

We are sad that J'okshar's time among your people had been so short. Had you not killed him so quickly, you might have avoided millenia of further bloodshed."

The ending would be that most of humanity's atheists would be converted to this "alien" version of Christianity (due to the fact that it had solid evidence to back it up), while the existing human Christians become atheistic nihilists because they would find no appeal in a religion that didn't elevate humanity above everything else in the universe.

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Jun. 4th, 2011 08:01 pm
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This one will be short yet take forever to type in on my iPhone. I've spent most of today chatting and hanging out with my wife. We picked up some antique chairs for the new place, had some very good Italian food (but alas it "messed" with us), and now I've got some time to post while doing this week's laundry.

I've been thinking about the differences between writing here vs Facebook vs LinkedIn vs Reddit vs other forums. It feels to me that LiveJournal-style writing is ultimately better for me than the others because it encourages me to get my entire thoughts out rather than short soundbites. Which coincides with the "word magic" that Kiersey associates with NF types. Reddit is great for longer thoughts only for technical matters, instead it feels great for fast zingers. Facebook is only useful for announcements at least for me, which I hear is also Twitter's strength. But right now what I want is full thoughts, even the dreaded "wall of text". (But I'd also like the occasional pic to break things up.)

So what's in store for this journal?

First: I want to get better at opening up. I have kept way too much inside, especially between 2004 and now. I could be so much better at writing, it's a great skill to have and if I could get faster at it I could both do great at work/life and even better unburden my soul.

Second: get happier with my soul. OK not the same "soul" Christians are trying to save but the emotions and feelings that color everything else I do. I am INFJ but also so much more than the profile. I was such an unhealthy INFJ for so long, I even tried to kill myself a couple times and spent years coming back from that. But now I have started building a history of bringing light to dark places both in helping people and in solving difficult technical problems that help society. My wife and I are starting a major new chapter in life and I literally have a job that will contribute in a small way to saving the world.

Third: in the spirit of #2 above journal my forays into Zen meditation, better diet and exercise, focusing on the good parts of life, and working to change myself first before seeking to change others.

Fourth: join the community of others trying to do the same for themselves. For too long I have dismissed such efforts as needless distractions but in truth "those people" who do things like sit still every day or write twenty pages everyday or question the utility of technology or discuss the human condition for hours at a time... those are *my people* and I need to support them.

Well the laundry is almost done so I am out for now...
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I do better when I write.  I take a few minutes out of the day and don't feel like it is wasted on movies or random Internet junk, but not so much time that I feel I could have gotten some exercise instead.  And writing tends to bring out the "other" me, the one that is a little less concrete and a little more fluid and happy.  Some might call this my "feminine" side maybe.

It used to be that I wrote in order to figure out my own issues, and maybe in the new journal I will do a little of that too, but in general I don't have so many more issues to go through.  I found myself a few years ago already.  But things do still come up, and I don't feel secure writing under my "real" alias -- I don't mind my significant other finding this, but I definitely don't want family, church, or work peering at it.

So a new journal, a new name (that as far as I know means nothing and is just some syllables), and a record Out Here.  I am, still.


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