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It's been a long time since I've been able to be up on the Internet late. I didn't plan it, she's sleeping in the other room and my digestive system is a mite unhappy so I'm waiting for it to settle. But in the meantime I return to LiveJournal to summarize the day.

Started out well, with perhaps 5 minutes of sitting still and a quiet breakfast to get things started. A reply to a friend 1000 miles away, and a few minutes perusing pictures of the last eight years. They haven't been entirely wasted, it's really just the last three that seemed so forgettable. There were trips to some real cities, pictures of our cats when we still had them, and pictures of our old house. It was nice to have those memories to shine through the years of bullshit with the previous job. Then came laundry and some work to improve my texting speed (which will be an extremely important skill to develop over the next 20 years), lunch, and reading the rest of my graphic novels we picked up last week.

Tonight is TV in the background and getting used to LJ again. It used to be such a loud boisterous place nine years ago, and now feels quiet with the inactive accounts of people who update first every month, then twice a year, and finally never. But for now it feels nice to me, a place to park my more substantial thoughts where I can find them again.

I need to find the right word for this late night mood. I miss it. It's not a sad thing really, it's being the only people in the subway station at 4:30am and exchanging a look that says "I feel you".
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